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Facing Reality

Riffed Short

Red Pill or Blue Pill? 


For ages, the choice between reality and imagination has presented itself as a dilemma between the hard road of truth and the ease and comfort of delusion.  Our hero finds himself at such a crossroads, as he approaches the upcoming school dance with a mix of trepidation and...


Yes, the school dance.  Alright, it's not the most obvious example of the temptation of fanasy, but our young protagonist faces the upcoming event by disagreeing with the ideas presented by his peers, while...


Yes, he just disagrees.  While that isn't an avoidance of reality, strictly speaking, his negative attitude does earn him the disapproval of his classmates, which...


Okay, yes, that really is more about social skills than actually avoiding reality, but....


Alright, fine!  You want reality?  Here's reality: McGraw-Hill wanted a short about facing reality on a budget that wouldn't pay for a decent square dance.  So they hired a psych major and an apprentice director, who raided the costume department of the local community theater, got all trippy with the shadowy camera work, and by the time they had ten minutes in the can, they'd forgotten the point.  Real enough for you?














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